Chatter Guide: Education

25 06 2010


Community College: Most commonly two-year institutions offering associates degrees and various certificates located in different communities around the nation.

Online Learning:  Term used to refer to college-level courses that taken at least partially if not entirely online through Internet-based delivery systems.


Chronicle of Higher Education:  This journal is used nationwide by college faculty and administrators at all types of institutions.  The journal includes recent news as well as in-depth research articles and guest columns from experts in the academic field.  The journal is also very well-known for its job listings and its website.  This might be a great resource for breaking news as well as links to other education sources.


National Council of Teachers of English:  The NCTE is an organization of English instructors at all levels from across the nation.  The NCTE has an excellent “Professional Development” portion of their website, which offers links, articles, and even contact information for experts.  I really like the search function here as well; they have allowed you to select the particular section you are interested in and the keyword search uses Boolean terms, which makes it easier.  This site also connects to other associations so it would be wise to keep this on tab.

Google News Search

“Community Colleges”:  A quick news search of “Community Colleges” reveals some interesting trends.  First, it appears that the Obama Administration is still trying to build support for new funding for two-year schools.  This will be important as these schools continue to grow.  In relation to that, enrollment numbers are growing rapidly due to the downturn in the economy.  One has to wonder how some colleges will deal with this.  There was a story from Miami about how a particular community college was turning away students due to lack of space because of soaring enrollment.  In other news, it seems that some schools are planning tuition hikes due to struggling state budgets and a lack of funding.




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