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26 07 2010

Video Games are Glorious

Since the introduction of video games several decades ago, the creativity and technology that has gone into making these games has been incredible. In the beginning, video games were based on simplicity and didn’t require much detail. Games like Wolfenstein and Doom limited the player to view their surroundings in the first person, walk through rooms without being able to look up or down, and shoot targets, but didn’t offer many options beyond this. The visual graphics on these games were deplorable compared to what gamers expect to see on their screens today, with blurry and pixilated visuals.

Watching a video game today is almost like watching a movie.  Take the hit “Call of Duty” series. The characters in the game have full mobility, look as detailed as real people, and are given capabilities that didn’t exist in past games. The player can personalize and modify weapons, clothing, and appearance, as well as have complete control of their character’s actions. People have been drawn to this series and others because of the realism in these games, and with high-quality resolution on newer televisions, the animation on these games is so incredible, they barely look animated at all.  The realistic aspect of these video games is what lures its audience further into this virtual world, so much so that they feel as though it is a part of their actual lives.  This has boosted sales and consumer loyalty, driving the video game market to new heights.

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